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Revelstoke Sled Rentals

Revelstoke Snowmobile Rentals

If you are looking to rent a sled in Revelstoke, SnowPeak Rentals has you covered! We rent our snowmobiles based out of Golden, BC, but consider this: If you're coming from anywhere East of Revelstoke (for example, Calgary, Edmonton or Saskatchewan), you're driving through Golden anyways. It's right on Trans-Canada HWY #1 on your way to Revy.

The drive between Golden BC and Revelstoke BC is 148 km and will take you about 1.5 hours.

Sledding areas between Golden and Revelstoke BC

If your rental sled is already in the back of your pick-up, on your trailer, or on in your buddy's enclosed trailer, there's nothing stopping you from riding the fantastic areas between Golden BC and Revelstoke BC along HWY #1, all the while still staying between rental pick-up and drop-off times. Quartz creek is a great example of a snowmobiling area that would be on your way anyways!

Flexible pick-up and drop-off times for Revelstoke Snowmobile Rentals

SnowPeak snowmobile rentals for Revelstoke are really convenient... Why?

If you're booking a conventional sled rental in Revelstoke, chances are that you'll be standing in line first thing Saturday morning to pick-up your machine when you really should be out on the mountains riding already!

With SnowPeak Rentals, you can pick-up your sled on your way through until late Friday night, so that come Saturday morning, you're heading straight to the mountains to ride your snowmobile instead of dealing with rental procedures.

Same thing for the return: It's so easy and convenient! You can drop off your rental machine until late Sunday night when you're driving back home and heading through Golden BC anyways. Stop for a quick dinner, gas, and to drop off your snowmobile rental machine (and don't forget to tell us about your awesome snow day!)

Going sledding in Revelstoke? We rent Avalanche Gear and Trailers, too!

We're able to get you fully equipped with avalanche gear packs, beacons, probes and shovels! Choose between traditional avy backpacks, or the state-of-the-art technology float airbag to keep you safe in the mountains.

24/7 avalanche gear rental drop-offs offered! So you don't need to rush back - just drop it off on your way out. We are located right on the highway #1 at the Days Inn Hotel so it's not even a very long stop at all. The hotel lobby is open 24 hours for drop-offs.

Should you need extra space or transportation for your rental sled, we also offer 2-place and 4-place trailer rentals at very reasonable rates.

SnowPeak rentals has everything to get you ready for your Revelstoke snowmobiling adventure!

Our Rental Sleds Fleet

We offer high-performance, high-quality snowmobile rentals for Golden, BC and Revelstoke, BC. Our machines include the brand-new 2015 Ski-doo Summit T3 XM with a 174" track, and Ski-doo Summit XP 800's 154 track, 600's, 550's and also! Check out our rental fleet on this page.

We offer the most convenient pick-up and drop-off times. No standing in line on Saturday morning, or drop-off hassles Sunday night. Book your sled today and find out how we can make your Revelstoke sledding weekend the most amazing experience ever!

The most convenient Sledding weekend in Revelstoke

Let us make your adventure for snowmobiling in Revelstoke this convenient! Contact us and inquire about our sled rentals today.