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Sled Areas

Riding Areas

Golden is renowned world-wide for its scenic and amazing mountain riding areas. There are 12 major snowmobile riding areas to choose from. Anything, from mild trail riding to alpine cruisingb and high marking some of the most unbelievable hills, can be found in Golden. Below is our list of local, Golden BC snowmobile trails and areas. You may also check the Golden Snowmobile Club website for more sled trail information.

Local Play Areas and Trails

  1. Blaeberry River Trail - Good ride into alpine country even in inclement weather. 160 km return. Max. Elevation 7,500 ft.
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  2. Gorman Creek Trail - Trails to alpine with lots of area for climbing. higher avalanche hazard. 80km return. Leads to Lang and Holt Creeks. Max Elevation 9,000ft.
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    Gorman Lake Sled Area Details

  3. Hope Creek - Wide logging road leading to alpine bowls. 160 km return from Wait-a-bit Staging area. Max. elevation 8,500 ft.

  4. Hospital Creek - Short day ride into high timber. 30 km return. Max. Elevation 7,500 ft.

  5. Lang Creek - Two ways to access: up creek bed (very difficult), or across Gorman Lake and up to the right (North). Very high avalanche hazard but an amazingly large area. 100km return. Max. Elevation 9,000 ft. NOTE: can connect to Quartz Creek through north west side via Grizzly Creek.

  6. Mount 7 Trail - Beautiful ride to the top of Mount 7 overlooking Golden. Nice night ride. 35 km return. Max. Elevation 8,000 ft.

  7. Parson - Nicholson Trail - Wide loggin road. 100 km return. Max. Elevation 4,500 ft.

  8. Quartz Creek Trail - Trail to Praire Hills. Very large play area for all abilities. 80km return. Max. Elevation 8,500ft
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    Quartz Creek Sled Area Details

  9. Silent Pass - Wide logging road access. Rolling hills in the alpine area. ALL ABILITIES. Trail through trees can be tough at beginning of season. 100 km return. Max. Elevation 8,300ft.
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  10. Susan Lake Trail - Logging Road access with bridge out. 100 km loop. Many other roads to cruise. Max. Elevation 6,000 ft.

  11. West Bench Trail - Completely finished!!! This trail leads from the Gorman Lake Staging Area all the way to the Quartz Creek Staging Area. Groomed the entire length! Super fun, with access to: Gorman, Lang, Cirque, Old Man, and Quartz Creek riding area. 100 km return. Max. Elevation 5,000 ft.

  12. Chatter Creek Trail - High alpine meadows for experienced climbers. 80 km return. Max. Elevation 9,500ft.

  13. Silver Mines Trail - The Jewel of Golden. Late season riding only with higher avalanche hazard. Watch out for the waterfall. Five huge valleys. 120 km return. Max. Elevaton 9,500 ft. (May not be on the Map, But SnowPeak Will get you there!)